My Excel Tips

Well, guys and gals... I just couldn't let this page be left completely blank for any longer. Here are some random tips that I find useful. These are no secrets, just nice features of Excel that I think are known and used by too few.

The Excel Environment

  • Selecting the current region

    To select the "current region" which is the area surrounding the current cell, press Ctrl + * 

  • Inserting current date and time

    To insert the current date as a text, press Ctrl + ;

    To insert the current time, press Ctrl + :

  • Quick copying

    To copy the formula from the cell above, press Ctrl + '

    To copy the value from the cell above, press Ctrl + " 

  • Entering the same in many cells

    To enter the same value or formula in many cells, select all the cells, type your value or formula and press Ctrl + Enter to put it into all selected cells at once.

  • Autofill trick

    To automatically fill down as far as there are values in the column to the left of the active cell, double-click on the fill handle 

  • Making a linked picture of a cell range

    1. Select the cell range

    2. Open the "Edit" menu and choose "Copy"

    3. Select the cell where you want the upper-left corner of the picture

    4. While pressing the shift key, open the "Edit" menu and choose "Paste Picture Link" 

  • Drawing aids

    While using the drawing tools, holding down the Shift, Ctrl, and Alt keys do different stuff:

    Shift - Makes it nice and straight, lines are drawn exactly in 45 degree steps, ovals become circular, rectangles become squares.

    Ctrl - Draws from the middle and out

    Alt - makes sure that your drawing aligns exactly to the worksheet gridlines

  • Drawing multiple objects

    Double-click on a drawing object button, and it will remain pressed so that you can draw many lines, circles or whatever without having to click on the button for each line.Click on the button again or press Esc when you are finished

Worksheet functions


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